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Monday, September 25, 2006

Is A Work From Home Business For You?

The first work from home business check point is passion. Do you have a true passion for your work from home business idea? A work from home business will require an immense amount of self-motivation. That level of passion will only be there if you truly have a passion for your work from home business.

Secondly, there is the question of mental stamina. Any work from home business will have challenges. Are you the kind of person who will rise to those challenges or will your work from home business suffer because you can't handle the tough decisions?

Going hand in hand with mental stamina is drive and determination. Your work from home business will require you be driven. A work from home business will get over the rough spots only for the person who has a positive mental attitude and a drive to make your work from home job succeed.

Your work from home business will also demand that you be the kind of person who lives for independence. There will be no one else to fall back on in your work from home business. If your home based business is to succeed you must have a take-charge attitude.

Finally, since most work at home opportunities are in some sort of service field you must be the kind of person who likes people. A work from home business is not for the shy introvert. The strength of your interactions with others will be the difference in your work from home business.

So if you can feel confident about these areas then a fantastic work from home business future awaits you. Enjoy it.

Richard Tracy is the webmaster for where you can review the top work at home opportunities from the comfort of your own home.

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Working Moms Can Also Work From Home

Have you been thinking about starting a home business but you don’t know where to begin? This can especially be challenging for moms that work outside of the home and may have children to care for. How do you balance your day time job, your family, your home and your new home business? I would like to share some tips.

• Have a family meeting. If you and your husband are committed to having a home business together, your biggest hurdle has been jumped. If you have children, have them also be included in the family meeting. It is amazing at how even small children can understand the concept of working at home so that you can be at home with them more in the future. Pre-teen and teenagers may be eager to help if they have been included from the inception of the home business.

• Do your homework. Make sure you research the home business you are considering. Is it a stable company? Has it been around for at least 2 – 5 years? How much debt is the company carrying? Is there a market for the products? Has the company been growing? Will you have support from others in the business?

• Delegate. Once you have decided on the home business, see how you can include the other family members in the business. When my daughter was 3 and 4, she liked to put stamps on the envelopes for me. Pre-teen and teenagers can help manage the phone. They can take messages when people call; they can listen to the voice mail messages, take notes and write down the phone numbers for you. They can also address and stuff envelopes. This is good experience for the children and will help them accept responsibilities and it will increase their self-esteem.

• Share the household duties. If the children are involved in the home business, they will be more understanding when it comes to sharing the household duties. Take turns cooking or cleaning up the kitchen. Schedule the children to do the household duties on the nights you put in the most time for the home business. Have your husband help also. My husband decided he would help me with the housework rather than take a more active role with the home business. If your husband is willing to help more with the business, then share more of the housework.

• Cook once a week. There are cookbooks available with entire menus, recipes and grocery lists for once a week cooking and even once a month cooking. This can really be a time saver to allow you to find the time to work your home business. It can also help you save money on groceries which you can invest in your home business.

• Schedule appointments. If you need to meet with potential customers, always make an appointment so you don’t waste your time. You also need to schedule specific time in your day to work on your business. Set a goal of how many hours a week you will spend on your business. Look at your calendar at least at the beginning of the week and make sure you schedule a block of time at least five days a week for your business. Even if you know the kids have a soccer game and will have homework that needs to be done, pencil in at least 15 minutes or however much you can give to your business. Remember, your investment of time will pay off.

• Organize. Set up your home office as soon as you start your business. Don’t put it off. If you start immediately, you will never need to take blocks of time from working the home business for catching up on the paperwork. Keep it simple so it becomes a daily habit and doesn’t feel like it is another job. Drop business receipts and cancelled checks in folders. You will really be happy you did this when tax time comes! Have one day planner where you write down all your appointments. Have one notebook by the main phone so family members can write the phone messages in one place. Have a big dry marker calendar in a central location and write down the children’s after school activities, whose night it is to cook supper and clean up the kitchen and other related schedule dates to help keep the family in synch.

• Develop you. One of the most important things you can do is invest in self improvement. Learn from the experts in how to close a sale, attract customers, make a cold call, and have zero no shows. The more you invest in yourself, the more successful you will be. There are tele-conferences, books CDs, DVDs and seminars available. Work a little on self-improvement everyday. Think ahead and plan self-improvement into your day. Have a CD ready to listen to for the drive to work and back home. If you like to read, pick out a self-improvement book and read a little before you go to bed each night. Schedule a family vacation around that seminar you want to go to. You get to spend time with the family, attend that special seminar and the entire family gets to enjoy a vacation.

• Advertise. Mom, make it fun and involve the family. Make t-shirts for the whole family with your business opportunity web-site on them. Let your whole family come up with ways to advertise. The more creative the idea, the more people will pay attention to the advertisement. Do you sell weight loss products? Make a shirt for your Chihuahua that says “Before (name your weight loss product), I was a German Shepard.” Have a family contest to come up with the logo for your home business.

Starting a home business can seem overwhelming. Break the process down into steps and do one step at a time. The best advice I can give you is to be patient and make it fun. Remember to keep your family first. By including your family into the home business as much as possible, the family bonds together, works together, has quality time together and will have extra money in the future to spend together!

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How To Make Money On The Internet

In many respects, the Internet is very much like the early days of the gold rush. There is a lot of money to be made in unchartered territory.

And as many marketing experts will tell you, one of the best ways to make money on the Internet is by producing your own product and then selling it.

However, if you've ever entertained this idea, you know that it can be quite daunting. For example, in producing your own product, you may have to consider how to acquire the raw materials for your product, the packaging of your product and the overhead, all of which can be very expensive and can eat away at any profits that you might make.

All of these considerations, and more, can be enough to turn off a lot of people from the idea of making money by producing their own product.

Another idea for making money on the Internet is through your creative talent or skill. For example, if you have programming skills, you could make money by producing a useful script or software and then selling it. Or, if you have web design skills, you might consider making money by offering web design services.

The problem with these ideas, however, is that not everyone has a skill or talent that they can market on the Internet.

In this case one great way to make money on the Internet is to produce your own e-book.

E-books are great products to sell because, as a digital item, you never have to worry about acquiring raw materials, nor do you have to worry about shipping or overhead costs.

Another benefit of producing your own e-books is that you can sell it over and over again and never have to worry about replenishing your stock.

If the idea of producing your own e-book appeals to you but you worry that you may not have the skill nor the time to do your own writing, then the best solution would be to hire a ghostwriter to write the book for you.

Quite simply, a ghostwriter is a writer that writes for other people in that person's name. And by hiring a ghostwriter, you eliminate the hassles of researching and writing the topic yourself. Instead, your ghostwriter can handle all of these tasks for you. And depending on the arrangement you make with the ghostwriter, he or she may even provide you with pictures and graphics to go along with your e-book, as well.

Finding a ghostwriter, however, is not always easy. Luckily, there are sites like, and that specialize in offering ghostwriting services.

The advantage of using a site like RentAGhostWriter.Com as opposed to other sites is that it is a completely free resource for finding ghostwriters - thus saving you time and money in the long run.

At RentAGhostWriter.Com you can outsource your e-books or any other writing project in the Marketplace to a ghostwriter at reasonable prices. Writers will then compete for your writing job to give you the best price possible.

Once your ghostwriter has completed your e-book, you will have a finished product that's all your own. The only cost to you would have been the fee you paid to your ghostwriter. However, in no time you should be able to recover your costs and then you will have a product that you can sell over and over again without ever having to replenish your stock.

For more ways to make money on the Internet, please visit the Money Blog.

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Work At Home Moms - Work At Something You Enjoy

The Most Rewarding And Most Difficult Job In The World

Work at home moms and stay at home moms have the most rewarding and difficult jobs in the world!

You've made an important decision to stay at home and raise your children (for that decision I salute you) and you may also be working out of your home...

Either way, you've probably looked into a number of ways to generate some extra income for your family.

Most work at home and stay at home moms want an opportunity that lets them stay independent and offers the most flexibility... And wouldn't it be wonderful if you could also work at something you enjoy or better yet, something you have a passion for?

Opportunities On The Internet

There are some excellent opportunities on the internet for work at home moms and stay at home moms, opportunities that both fit and compliment your stay at home schedule.

And, it is very possible to find an internet niche that can generate some extra income from your hobby or something you either have a passion for already or that can develop into a passion.

I know of one lady that turned her passion for Belly Dancing into a web site that generates a decent income. And a work at home mom I know developed a party web site that now generates a good monthly income.

The Good News

Have you ever noticed how doing something you really enjoy never seems like work? Instead, it's fun and challenging and you can't wait to get back to it each day... But what if this thing you enjoy so much was also making some extra income for you and your family or even a decent full time income? That would be very nice indeed wouldn't it?

The Internet And You

Even if you don't know a thing about the internet, there are several online companies that offer excellent, easy to use services that will not only help you, but will assist you in putting together a professional looking web site.

And with support from one of these internet companies, you will at least have a very good chance at making some extra income or a good part-time income... And yes, it is possible to develop your site into a full-time income.

Several online companies specialize in this and while I'm not familiar with all of them, there are two that I am familiar with and that I recommend you visit. Site Build It! and iPower.

By visiting these and other web hosting companies you will discover what each has to offer and which service is the best for you.

What To Look For

You want to look for a company that will give you lots of support, take care of the technical side of things allowing you to concentrate on putting together your web site.

Look for a company that includes web hosting, site building and site marketing for one price and doesn't charge you for new services and features.

Also look for a company that explains everything to you in a written, detail featured manual and informational online forums.

Your Internet Success

As a work at home mom or stay at home mom, you have the opportunity to put together a web site based on your hobby or something you're passionate about and to develop your site so it generates that extra income or part-time income or even a full-time income your looking for.

And all while you maintain your independence and flexible schedule.

The idea of having your own web site is something I encourage you to look into. Remember the two ladies I mentioned earlier? They turned their interests and their passion into income producing web sites... And so can you!

Mike Dougherty is a grandfather who turned his knowledge of children's birthday parties into a successful web site. For more information visit or