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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Stay at Home Moms Find Internet Income

Back in the 50s, when I was a child, my Grandmother stayed at home and took care of the family needs. She cooked, baked pies, and cookies, cleaned, kept her home immaculate all while wearing a dress and pumps. But, she never earned an income or handled any financial business that was, a mans business.

My mother, on the other hand, worked outside of the home and was looked down on by all the other neighborhood moms. Mom did city payroll and her job was very demanding. It was up to us kids to do the housework and get meals started. Dad was a fireman so he was gone for 24hrs straight and had to have a second job on his days off to take up the financial slack from the low paying firemen job. The other moms felt my mother should be in the home taking care of her children and husband and that she did not need to work. Never mind, working made Mom a stronger female and take some of the burden off my Dad. Mom had a good job, but everyone would try to guilt her into quitting.

When I married, in the 70s, I chose to stay home once the children arrived. My husband had a high risk job that took him away from home most of the week, and made big money. The moms in my neighborhood looked down on me because I did not have a job or career. Day care was not established yet, and God knows who would be watching your children. In social gatherings, women would come up to me and ask what I did for a living. I would respond that I was a stay at home mom, and all of the sudden you would have thought I had the plague. When the children went to school time, then I went to college to take classes. My husband was not thrilled. When the other women heard I was enrolled in college there was a new found acceptance. My family was not happy about the time away from them. Now I was guilted by sides, working moms and my family.

Today my daughters have careers and are married. One is a working mom and the other has delayed having children because she cannot fit children into her career. The two income family is the norm now and the economics requires it. The working mom is torn between her family and job. The childless daughter is torn because she has delayed having children. My daughters are torn between work and family. Neither one of them wanted to be a full time home-maker nor could afford to not have an income.

Now times are turning around. With the growth of the internet, and its acceptance as a shopping and information portal, more opportunities are opening up for women to stay at home and still earn an income. It is still a juggling act, families will always have demands. And in order to make a decent income on the internet, serious time must be spent on your business. But the internet is open 24hrs. a day, so schedules can be more flexible.

So Moms, stay at home if you choose to, and earn internet income.

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